So... I've been logging on to read but forgetting to pst *heads up*. I'm an idiot. I'll blame it on the fact I'm constantly role-playing on insanejournal and also had to have an operation the other week so I'm still in a cast/sling and will be for a few more weeks to come- well at least the cast. I most likely will be rid of the sling at the beginning of next week which will be awesome. Though for the time being I can't work and that will probably be until I get the cast off which sucks.

...I've been writing this post since just before 6pm and now it's past 8:30. Though I did have dinner watch Merlin and Master Chef Australia so it isn't that bad and am watching Rove- waiting for DANIEL RADCLIFFE and RUPERT GRINT to come on..

As I've had my wrist in a cast I have been reading heaps and among my half a million other books, I re-read the Tamora Pierce's books and fell in love with them all over again. They are fantastic, especially the Tortall Universe *dies*. I want to play Lord Gershom. I can't decide between him or him. I'm leaning towards the first one. I can't seem to find a description of him in Terrior or Bloodhound, but if I missed one let me know thanks??
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