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( Sep. 6th, 2009 03:50 pm)
So, while I've been away from Livejournal a lot has happened to me. Not sure if you guys know but back in March I started a University (College) course to become a Librarian which I've always wanted to become. I love the computer side- we learn about information knowledgement, searching, web 2.0, web design (last two are my fav subject so far) but it's out of the business college so that means I have to do business subjects like Marketing Principles, Accounting and Macro-economics which I don't enjoy. At all. I'd transfer or drop out but its like the only course here to get me where I want to go so I have to stick it out unfortunately.

In other news, my laptop is deader than dead. It had been playing up for AGES but a few weeks ago it died. Turns out it needs a new motherboard and harddrive, and of course we can't find the warranty/reciept so I can't get it fixed. Makes it hard to Roleplay and do Uni work *cries*.

Roleplay. Oh I love it so much. It is so bloody addictive, especially when you find a game/character that you LOVE. Also my friends in that rule. Completely. It's mostly on Insanejournal but I've got a game here too which is awesome. I've been transfering my CDJ to [personal profile] immortalaussie on IJ and making [personal profile] arevolvingworld into a fanfiction journal (IJ and here) once I get around to cleaning it out. ARW was to disorganised for my liking which is why I'm making IA into my new CDJ. [personal profile] pansexual on IJ is still going to be my RL journal though along with this one (on dreamwidth).

Now, I really should be getting off... cause my parents have been yelling at me for awhile to get off *pouts*

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