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( Sep. 22nd, 2009 05:03 pm)
Well it’s that time of year again. AFL Finals are gripping the country. Every year during September the country stops for each final and then the Grand Final which takes place at the MCG on the last Saturday of the month even if no Melbourne teams are taking part in it. I’ve always loved Football even if my team (Richmond) isn’t the best one at the moment- far from it in fact (though I still maintain next year is our year despite us loosing three of our best players).

Last night was the Brownlow medal where Gary Abblet Jr from Geelong won as he was expected to. He’s played a fantastic season this year and had 7 games with 40+ posessions which is practically unheard of. The Brownlow medal is for the best player throughout the season where they are voted on after each game. If they are suspended they are disqualified from the running though they can still be voted for.

The final eight I mentioned above has gotten down to two teams- St Kilda and Geelong both from Melbourne which is awesome (AND COLLINGWOOD WAS THRASED (I kind of hate them)). Taking place at 2:10 next Saturday they’re fighting it out for the top spot and the honour of winning the Grand Final which will stop the nation for the afternoon at the very least- most likely the whole day. I myself do not know who I’m going to barrack for. St Kilda hasn’t made a Grand Final since the 60’s but this is Geelong’s third in a row and they are yet to win one so they both kind of deserve to win.

What do you guys think of Footy?
Do you have a fav team?
Who are you going to go for in the Grand Final on Saturday?

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