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( Oct. 6th, 2009 07:58 pm)
I finally got that Lit Review done that was due on Monday (changed from Friday thank goodness). I wrote the majority of it on Sunday the rest on Saturday. It was 2734 words (no idea how i remember that :P) limit was 3000-4000. I was in the 10% range thank goodness. It was a horrible topic and painful to write.

Now all I need to do is finish my database, website and other project that for the class the Lit Review was in. That one shouldn't take long as its based on the Lit Review. Group one though, and my group sucks. Like seriously. I'm prob going to end up doing all the work. The first group I had in that subject was great but I couldn't have them again cause we'd already done one project together- cruel cruel teacher. The website is for my Knowledge Management Technologies class which I love and it's nearly done. I am so ahead of everyone in that class it isn't funny- I spent last class mucking around on the internet with my TEACHERS PERMISSION :D

Oh merlin... there's something on TV about people being addicted to being online- games, facebook, porn and what constitutes as it. I am glad to here that I'm no where near as bad as some people... I at least don't neglect my health, I do other things and all of that. I'm probably obsessed but not addictied... or I don't know.

Today was a work team day... I don't think I was supposed to go because I'm casual but I went to the morning part. I came home because I wasn't feeling well and slept for most of the afternoon. Now I'm slowly trying to download my lectures from the Uni Blackboard but it isn't working/taking forever so I'm updating this, tagging and such.

If I owe you tags/applications they will come. I've got a bit of time tonight and tomorrow.

On Friday I had to go up to Uni again- I had a project due though I didn't tell my parents that. One the way home I was in a carriage with two people from where I live and they were talking about a card game which sounded very interesting. It's called Magic: The Gathering and it's slightly like Pokemon Battles that we could have. I'm planning on start once Uni is finished.

I'm doing nanowrimo again this year. My profile is here if anyone wants to add me as a buddy.

I also seriously need to start useing this account more...

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