One day you go to sleep in your room, you trip, turn a corner, or anything really. The next thing you know you are in a new land, a strange land like you have never seen the likes of before. Others are there but no one seems to know where you are or what you are doing there. People are from different times and different lands.

You all have one thing in common, however. None of you have any idea where you are or how you got there. There are similarities between your lands, you all have magic and mages in existance, you all believe in Gods and Godesses... including Trickster Gods, Kyprioth for some and Lakik for the others. Some of you may have reason to believe that the Tricksters are behind this strange new adventure... and you would not be far from the truth.

Welcome to Tricksters' Realm, a multi-era Roleplay game based on Tamora Pierce's books.

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From: (Anonymous)

LOL yeah geeky people ftw. But people like Levi just ftl :| FAIL haha.

Aw really? Well in W.A we've been having quite a bit of thunder and lightning lately, it's quite surprising. Not too much rain though. But I love winter :D!

yeah Greylands is awesome, I think I might re-read it, last time I read it was honestly like 3 years ago! I remember it very clearly though (shows how good of a book it was) :D

Ok well I think I will read Tamora Pierce, seeing as you speak incredibly highly of her lmao haha.
*looks up at journal post* You're even roleplaying her books, why am I not surprised tehehe.

:D YAYY you like the Tomorrow Series! John Marsden is awesome and yeah I love his other books too, he tends to leave you thinking though.. like with "Letters from the Inside". Oh and I definitely agree about the Ellie Chronicles being repetitive.

Aw wow, being a librarian would be pretty cool. Though I don't know if I could stand the extreme silence 24/7 haha.

What else do you like reading eh? xD

From: (Anonymous)

D: sorry! forgot to leave who it was from *facepalm*

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