I'm playing Bellatrix for the first time and I'm so worried that I'm not doing her correctly (I'm kind of doing that she's making out her craziness is more than it actually is). It's a fun line though and I love the partner I'm doing it with (this is our second active line atm).

I'm trying to work on my project for Uni and failing miserably... its a database one and I don't like it... well I don't mind making the databases but this is a written report and in a group. Plus I want to go home. I only had class from 9:30-10:30 today (and it takes an hour train trip each way to get there) as my other lecture and tute were cancelled due to a strike *grumbles* and thats my fav class too.

AND I'M WRITING MY FIRST FANFIC IN MONTHS.... I should probably finish off the ones I'm currently writing but I lost them when my laptop died so I have to save them off FF.Net and figure out what was happening. I had nearly finished the stories too *cries* THIS ONE IS LUCIUS/NARCISSA THOUGH *dies*. For those I don't talk to a lot they're my new OTP (yeah I'm obsessed with them).

I'm also going to drop a lot of my LJ challenges cause I'm not in the fandoms really anymore plus I've had them for so long I doubt I'm going to finish them anytime soon.
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