So a big thanks to [personal profile] myinkyfingers for the code so I can get this journal :) You are awesome :D

Well, I'm Immortal Aussie or Alex or some variation of those. I'm 21, live in Melbourne, Australia, studying to become a librarian while currently working at my local library as a customer response officer. I love reading, writing, roleplaying, history and internet. I'm a massive geek and love meeting new people :)

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Hey, thanks for the add/DW equivalent :) I scanned your bio and you sound pretty cool. My name's David, by the way. Just wondering though: how'd you come across me?
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Obernewtyn! Oh man, did I love that as a kid or what? It was probably my first step into the slightly-more-adult sci-fi/fantasy realm, and I'd do it all again. Even the insane wait for book five. I still haven't read The Stone Key though :( I have to read them all again before I get to it.

By the by, I noticed one of your interests is urban fantasy... have you read anything by Neil Gaiman? If you like Pratchett, you'll probably like Gaiman.

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Try "Neverwhere". It's probably the more Obernewtyn-y of Gaiman's books.

I am firmly of the belief that Carmody used to be Elspeth, but I'm not sure if she still is. Take a look at her old (1990s) promo pics; she's Elspeth!

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I remember seeing pictures in Magpies, or one of those sorts of things, when I was in about Year Eight...
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the romantic in me who just wants Elspeth and Rushton to finally get off their asses and get together

I KNOW RIGHT?! I started reading the series when I was 14 and that's HALF MY LIFE AGO. It's been a hell of a wait. Haven't read The Stone Key yet though - like you I'm currently working my way through a bit of a book mountain.

Also, hi! *waves*

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